Going down? Tips and tricks to make it better for him.

Happy Monday, everyone.  Welcome to the BJ blog.  I tried to find the original from last year in my archives but had no luck so this one’s all new.   Maybe not improved, but new. 🙂

If someone told me I could only have one line of text in this blog on how to give great blowjobs, my line would be this:  “Performing oral sex on your man is not a dreadful chore or something you have to put up with, so please don’t treat it as such!”.  Enthusiasm is the biggest factor in giving good head, bar none.  If you like what you’re doing, you’ll be good at it. It’s that simple.  Thankfully no one told me I can only write one line of text, so kick back and get ready for an oral how-to that will enable you to blow his socks off tonight.  After all, it’s Monday and every man deserves a good BJ to start off his week.  Just ask your guy…he’s sure to agree.

First, let’s talk hot spots.  I think I’m going to have to bust out the cockshroom again for this one.  Check out C, the frenulum.  This little space on the underside of the cock, where the shaft meets the head, is a hotbed of nerves.  Do not neglect the frenulum!  A few long, slow licks (flatten your tongue for maximum sensation) across it will feel delicious.  I’ll cover other handy tongue tricks for this area later on.  Moving on to B- the coronal ridge, another nerve hotspot.  Lick it, nibble it (gently!), place your lips immediately beneath it and just apply soft suction to the head…he’ll squirm in delight, I promise you.  Just make sure that any suction concentrated on the head isn’t too much too soon.  If you want to really rock his world, wait until he’s pulsing (close to orgasm) and just suck the head.  It won’t be enough to get him off, just enough to make him beg you to do that with more of his cock in your mouth. ;  ) There’s another spot that deserves attention that isn’t marked on the shroom.  (Thanks, R, for the reminder!) The slit- the opening in the top of his cock. Gently probing it with your tongue can be incredibly pleasurable for him.  And don’t give me any crap about it being icky, ladies.  It’s not.

Next up, the testicles.  Don’t leave the twins out when you’re going down on him.   Just a few of the things you can do to his balls:  lick them while you’re using your hand on his shaft, suck them into your mouth and hum (sounds silly, feels great), lightly scrape your teeth across them, cup them in the palm of your hand while your mouth is busy above them.  If you want to give him an experience he’ll never forget, take all of his cock in your mouth, then stick your tongue out and lick his balls.  This takes some practice (and a limber tongue) but it’s possible.   The double pleasure of being deep-throated and having his balls licked will blow him away.  Another neat little trick is to cup his balls when he’s close to ejaculation and, just as you feel him start to come, pull them away from his body.  Don’t pull too hard- no chainsaw cranking motions!- just tug gently.  It sounds odd and I can’t tell you why that feels good- mostly ’cause I don’t have balls- but it works.  For a fun experience, have your guy shave them.  You’ll love the smoothness and he’ll enjoy the enhanced sensation.

Tongue tricks:

  • When you first go down, use your tongue as though his cock is a dripping ice cream cone.  (Silly euphemism?  Yes.  Effective technique?  Hell, yes.)  Swirl around his entire cock in a circular motion.  Lick up the sides, being sure to come into contact with the ridge (B) as you move upwards.
  • Start at the very bottom of his shaft, right where his cock and balls meet, and lick slooooooowly all the way up to the tip.  Basically you’ll be tracing the vein on the underside of his cock with your tongue.
  • Follow that same path again, but this time use just the tip of your tongue to softly flicker all the way up and then around the head of his cock.  Flickering your tongue this way makes for a nice contrasting move if you alternate it with firmer licks.
  • Like I said earlier, flatten your tongue and lave the frenulum with it.  Do this a few times, then swipe your entire tongue across the head in a slow motion. Repeat a few times and increase the tempo as you go.  He’ll love it.
  • Make a fist around the bottom of his shaft and press downwards (gently, don’t shove) to tighten the skin across his head and shaft, then start to work on him with your tongue.  Holding the skin tight this way will make every touch of your tongue feel more intense.
  • Get the frenulum wet with your  tongue, then slowly slide your finger back and forth across it while you lick the rest of his shaft.

There are a million ways to use your tongue on his cock.  Try different strokes and licks until you find things he really likes.  Whatever you do, don’t just focus on one part and neglect the rest of him.

The rest of tips and ideas I have for you are pretty random and don’t easily fit into categories like “tongue tricks”, so I’m just going to do them in bullet points.

  • Food play can be fun, so grab the whipped cream or chocolate syrup and make a mess that’s fun to clean up.  Yeah, it’s clichéd, but clichés usually exist for a reason. 😉  If you want to crank things up a notch, use honey- it’s much harder to get all of the honey off so it’ll take more of an effort.  Just don’t get it in his hair!
  • Use your hands.  Grab the base of his shaft and suck just the head, squeeze the head gently or work your hand around it (make sure he’s wet first for maximum fun for him) while you lick the shaft.   When you feel like taking a break, grip his cock with both of your hands and move each one in around him a different way.  Do NOT twist too hard, just slide your hands in opposite directions.
  • When you’re in a position where you can really take him into your mouth without worrying about teeth, put your lips on the head of his cock, slide your hands around him, grab his ass and push him into your mouth while you swirl your tongue around him.  He’ll probably enjoy the slightly forceful shade to this move.
  • If you’re feeling a little submissive, have him thread his fingers through your hair and hold your head still while he controls the speed and depth of his thrusts into your mouth.  Again, there’s a dom/sub flavor here that gives things an extra little spark.
  • Make sure your position is conducive to good head- there’s the obvious, like kneeling in front of him while he sits on the couch or bed, but other positions work just fine too, like laying on your back and letting him kneel/squat/stand above your head, and, of course, the ever-reliable 69.   Just make sure you’re not coming at him from an angle.  You want him aimed straight towards the back of your mouth, otherwise you’re risking scraping him with your teeth.
  • Speaking of teeth, WATCH THEM!  They hurt.  Nibbling is okay, lightly scraping the head or shaft intentionally is just fine.  Grating him against your molars (or, god forbid, incisors) because you’ve got your head or his body turned the wrong way is bad, bad, bad.  Say “teeth” and “blowjob” in the same sentence and most men will cringe.  Spare your man and be careful with your chompers.
  • Pop a breath mint first.  I’m sure you’ve heard it before…pretty much everyone knows about the whole Altoid thing.  Mint = good.
  • Suck.  The term “blowjob” is misleading, obviously. Although wetting the head then alternating warm and cold breaths can be fun as a little bit of a teaser, you don’t really spend any time blowing on it.  Unfortunately, some women don’t realize they’re supposed to actually suck, not just slide their mouths up and down.  Suction is a good thing. (Poor Martha Stewart, I’m wearing her catchphrase out in ways she probably never imagined it would be used.)  You can do this gently or forcefully, but don’t do it too hard. Hint:  if he’s getting a hickey on the head of his cock, you’re overdoing it.  You know that lovely phrase some guys use:  “She could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch”…well, it’s not a compliment.  Hard sucking has its uses, but for the most part you don’t want to pretend you’re trying to rip it off.  That might scare him.  On the other hand, sucking too gently won’t do much for him.  Experiment with different pressures to see what flips his switch.
  • Sometimes it’s great to just dive right in and swallow his cock all at once, but taking it slow can be good too- especially if he’s not hard when you start.  Tease him with your tongue, lick and nibble at his inner thighs (yeah, they like it just as much as we do), trail your tongue along the seam on the front of his balls and below them (or even farther if you’re into that).  Touch him lightly with your fingertips or gently drag your nails up and down his cock.  Every now and then it’s okay to be a cock-tease. 😉
  • I read about this trick somewhere online a long time ago and fell in love with it immediately:  get a cup of hot tea (not too hot) and a cup of ice water.  Get your man hard, then alternate taking sips of each drink.  While holding the liquid in your mouth, slide your lips down over his shaft.  He’ll love the varied sensations!
  • Hum.  Take his cock into your mouth and suck gently while you hum.  The vibrations will feel great for him and this is a nice little stopping point if you need a break.  After all, humming doesn’t require much effort.  If you want to make him laugh, try humming “Yankee Doodle Dandy”.
  • Use a small toy or your finger in his ass while you go down on him.  The two pleasures combined will make for a geyser of an orgasm, I promise you.  For more instruction on ass-play, read the archives of my blogs.  I don’t feel like going in to it right now (no pun intended).
  • Take him as far into your mouth as you can get him without actually deep-throating.  The goal here is to have the head of his cock at the very back of your mouth but not quite into your throat.  Get him there, then swallow.  The contractions of your upper throat muscles around his cock will have him begging for more of the same.
  • Deep-throating- the holy grail of blowjobs- isn’t as impossible as it seems.  The trick to being able to take him all the way is breath control.  Inhale through your nose as you move downwards on his cock, hold your breath until he’s pulling out of your throat, then exhale through your nose while he’s still in your mouth.  If you time it right, you can give him a long, long series of DT strokes without ever fully taking him out of your mouth.
  • If deep-throating is an issue because of your gag reflex, here’s a nice little hint:  use Chloraseptic spray or some other oral analgesic right before you attempt it.  Being a little bit numbed will help you control the urge to gag.  Also, move slowly.  You’re less likely to feel like you’re choking if you don’t cram him down your throat before you’re ready to.
  • Look at him while you’re going down.  Eye contact makes almost everything in bed better.
  • Pre-come  makes for a great opportunity to give him a visual he won’t forget anytime soon.  Look at him and smile while you’re licking it.  He.  Will.  Love.  It.
  • Show him that you’re enjoying what you’re doing.  Moan around his cock (vibrations!) or find some other way to show him you love it.  He’ll appreciate the enthusiasm.
  • For a more mutually beneficial experience, have him touch you while you’re going down.  Ladies, having an orgasm while you’re pleasuring him will only serve to increase your talents, I can assure you. Just don’t get too excited and bite down!
  • After he has come, keep him in your mouth and gently suckle him.  Don’t do too much because he’ll probably be sensitive as hell right after ejaculation, but you don’t have to stop altogether.
  • Speaking of coming, let’s talk about swallowing versus spitting.  I’ve covered this in another blog, but for you newbies, men really and truly don’t care which way you do it.  Most men seem to prefer swallowing.  That’s totally understandable but having a preference for it doesn’t make it a requirement.  If you spit, that’s fine and dandy, just avoid spitting it on him in an unladylike way or making a face like you’re disgusted…don’t ruin his moment.  Keep a tissue handy and discreetly spit into it after you’re finished.  If you haven’ t ever swallowed or even taken his orgasm in your mouth, give it a shot (pun fully intended).  It’s not gross, distasteful, or unsanitary.  If you absolutely cannot handle having it in your mouth, then at least use your hand to get him off when he’s ready to blow.  Don’t just pull away and make him do it himself at that final moment…would you appreciate it if he did the same to you?

I’m sure there’s more I could list if I gave it some more thought, but you’ll have to forgive me for cutting it off here.  I’ve got a ridiculous cold that is kicking my ass and my meds are making me a little foggy.   Maybe one of these days I’ll do a more extensive blog with tips for you not-so-novice head lovers since this one is aimed at people who are new to the game.  Before I’m done, though, there are some things you need to know about oral sex.  If you’re not in a monogamous relationship with someone who’s been tested for STD’s, be careful.  Yes, it’s safer than intercourse, but it can still be dangerous.  Don’t swallow if you don’t know your partner’s health status.  It’s just not a good idea.  Also, deep-throating his cock irritates the lining of your throat, making you more susceptible to STD’s/infections, so avoid it unless you’re sure he’s safe.  Bear in mind that you can use flavored, non-lubricated condoms during a blowjob.  Protect yourselves, ladies.  Play hard, but play safe!

That’s it, peeps.  If you found something new in here, try it out tonight and make his Monday a little better.  As always, feel free to leave your tips in the comments.  We love shared knowledge around these parts.  Love and peace and a lovely piece to you all.

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  1. whew, girl!! I normally have things to add…. but you have this one hands down… and mouth and tongue and teeth and throat down….*thud*. Feel free to use me for your demos….anytime.

    On the pre-cum front… one of my favorite things that was done to me was, when there was a big dollop for the taking, she used my cock like a lipstick applicator, smeared my pre-cum all around her lips, teased me by slowly licking away at it, then leaned up and kissed me and slowly slid back down and swallowed me whole. By then I was thinking.. ” I surrender….sell my clothes, I’m going to heaven”.

    Methinks, Ms. Kat, you own the BJ crown. Kev is a very lucky man!

    Now about this swelling in my jeans that you just caused with this blog…. maybe I should read it over a couple of times… whew

    Feel better fast

    • Thank you, darlin’. Sounds like one fantastic woman. 😉

      So how’d that swelling work out for ya? lol

      • I kept re-reading your blog until it magically… ummm…. let go…. ahhhhhhhhh

    • Do you want suck my hard Cockkkk. contact me ..

    • I give my man incredible blowjobs now! To anybody who wants to learn how to give blowjobs the right way, http://www.BlowjobHelp.info is a really helpful guide and worth checking out. I learned it’s really important to keep in mind that the harder you suck doesn’t necessarily mean the better it feels! He’s brutally honest but his tips are extremely helpful and work very well haha 🙂 It’s weird that many of these articles recommend using your teeth, but most guys cringe at just the thought of it. I think it’s best to take advice from guys only on this subject… hopefully nobody uses teeth on their man after reading this. Ouch!

      • What do I do if my husband has no foreskin and no feeling in the head of his penis and I would love to give him a mind blowing blow job but no teeth involved as it hurts him so much bit I get carried away sometimes and feel like nibbling or using my tongue on the head but there is no feeling as he was circumsized as a baby! !! Please help!

  2. Robert stole my line….Kevin is a lucky, lucky man.

    • *muah*

      Ever heard that adage about how the cobbler’s family never has shoes? 😉 Who says I practice what I preach? lol

  3. Hey, peeps, striving for anonymity here! Shhhhhhhh. No names or identifying birthmark descriptions should be used in the comments…lol. Not that Robert would know anything about my birthmarks………………yet.

    (Totally kidding…just enjoy riling my husband up…lmao)

    • yet…. oh my… there’s that swelling again…

      send pix of your birthmark…please. ; )~

  4. Ahhh, to be young! Oh wait, what? I subscribe to the “lick it and stick it” theory. XO

  5. loved all the info…knew most by=ut the refresher course was needed even though I am lacking partner at this moment. unfortunatly for some guy…love the blog!

  6. Good gracious, Ms Kat. I thought I knew all the tricks in the book, but now I learned some more.

    I like your blog!


  7. Omg I can honestly sit here and say there are a lot of things I was NOT aware of when it comes to oral satisfaction to my man. But damn! I can’t wait to try it out! He’s gonna flip tables and do head stands (pun totally intended)

  8. Good day I am so thrilled I found your site, I really found you by
    mistake, while I was browsing on Google for something else, Anyhow I am here now and would just like to say many thanks
    for a fantastic post and a all round enjoyable blog (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to look over it all at the moment but I have book-marked it and also added your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a lot more, Please do keep up the superb job.

  9. This is very attention-grabbing, You’re an overly skilled blogger. I have joined your rss feed and sit up for in quest of more of your great post. Additionally, I have shared your site in my social networks

  10. So 2 nights my bf and I had a 3 some. Well the young lady that joined us had asked him if she was good at giving head cuz she’s only done it 4 different times well he had said you do it like a pro. Then said to meh I can’t give head like she does after she leaves so now I really need help. I have bad gag reflexes and I’ve tried EVERYTHING. So if you delightful women would mind helping meh out I’d greatly appreciate it. Here is my email emilyhook93@yahoo.com thanks!

  11. Reblogged this on The Transformation.

  12. I enjoyed reading the different tricks and tips and can’t wait to try them.

  13. Ah, your writing was heaven sent! I really was going to run out of ideas on what do to do with my man’s ‘cockshroom’ and this blog gave me some new ideas on what to do 🙂 Thank you so much!

  14. I loved this advice I just started giving bj’s to my boyfriend of 3years he’s the first in 20 years, idk why I’ve waited so long but Im glad I stared now because I actually enjoy it. 😉 he loves it as well and I was looking for new techniques and these ate some excellent ones as far as the ass thing. I tried it lol he’s not too bid on it. The swallowing/spitting idk if I’m completely ready for yet but I’m not going to say i will never try it because I want to and I will soon

  15. oh wow, used your tips plus some of my own which I know he loves and like I’ve already said.. oh wow. Was such a great reaction from him and I was enjoying myself so much and I can say I had a great thank you in return 😉 As I’ve only just started all this he was extremely shocked with some of the things I did, said it was the best one hes had and also ‘oh my god where do you learn to do that?’ and it was such a brilliant reaction, thank you so much! Don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed giving a blow job so much

  16. trying them today, so we will see!

  17. this will be my first time going down on my man because i just started dating again and now were going to spend sometime togather and am afraid i wont do it well

  18. Dude that worked not at all totally hee hee jklol

    • really it did work thanks
      maybe didn’t try it yet

  19. While this was amazingly informative I have a question. I LOVE to suck on my husband, want to often, even crave at times. He is a fan. But I worry about it becoming less of a thrill for him. Should I take it a little easier so it doesn’t become routine?

  20. Teeth:

    I fantasize about a sexy mouth that teases/ plays on my cock with it’s sharp, scary and threatening teeth. The dare, danger: ‘playing with fire’ and trust you must have in that mouth that i gave full control to the moment my dick got into it/near it, tuns me so on.

    Sadly im’ very sensitive (uncut) so i think i can’t stand much *whine*
    Well, maybe leave the foreskin on and let her bite the head through the foreskin XD Or let the molars chew on it through some layers of condom XD

    From time to time i’m lucky and find some new porn on the web where a mouth uses teeth to tease it’s dinner, um… i mean the hot dog, wiener, cockmeat 😉

    It’s sexy to see a mouth suck/lick a strawberry that is shaped like a dickhead and then bite into it.
    Or do the same with a Banana to tease that she is a wildcat and that you might be literally ‘feeding her your dick’ when she is hungry 😉

    Watch out boys, she’s a maneater! *leopard-snarl* 😛

  21. I’ve never given head before… or even touched a penis!! I have huge front teeth that are in the way for things like this but i want to pleasure my man. Can anyone explain in detail on how to give a good blowjob for tge first time ever??! P.S. He masturbates like once a week
    My email: marisatanner14@gmail.com

  22. Stumbled upon your blog! Love all of it!!! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to reading more ! 😉

  23. I’ll be waiting impatiently for the novice tips. I need some new moves

  24. I love sucking my boyfriends dick.
    It taste great in my mouth. I love it when he comes, i let it sit on my tongue, all thick and white, then i show him, then i swallow. My reward is he fucks me in my pussy for over a hour.

  25. That is what I’m doing to javier on Friday

  26. Thank you so much, my husband and I have been together thirteen years and this helps a lot, he loves head and I do feel sometimes as it is a core but this helps a lot, thank you again.

  27. My girl tells me she likes doing it but im not sure she really does… And I don’t want her to do it if she doesn’t like to… but I don’t want to call her out on it either… Any advise?

    • I would ask her to do what she likes if she acts uncomfortable you know she is only doing it cause she has too make her feel like its hers and no one else’s. My husband teases me with his cock rubs it on my face slaps me with it. It is a huge turn on knowing he wants me to do it maybe try and touch her body when your doing it, go slow if she really enjoys it she will be pulling at you for more.

  28. >Say “teeth” and “blowjob” in the same sentence and most men will cringe.

    Actually teeth are the reason why blowjobs turn me on.
    The thrill trusting a sexy mouth with gentle teasging playful teeth on me turns me so on.

  29. Just read this lol. Alot of GOOD tips that im going to try!

  30. Cant what to try it going to try this week wife has found hy frist been crossdresseing for years scared

  31. Using a fruit roll up is a good thing

  32. Wow very useful. I dont have an experience of doing it. But i will keep trying until i get it. I eant to please my husband and give all the pleasure. He is big please give me more tips

  33. Im a bisexual man that hasnt experienced a cock in my mouth since I was an overzealous teen(now 51yrs old)….my friend has a 10 in long and very thick cock and I was very nervous about sucking him, but after reading all the tips you have given…you have eased my nervouness about taking him orally…. thank you and by the way your descriptions of techniques have me rock hard !

  34. I have tried your sucking technique on my men. They all begged me for blowing them off.

  35. My man’s dick is truly a beautiful sight and his cum makes me orgasm every time its so tasty. I get soaking wet deep throating it too…

  36. So I’ve given head before and I’ve never had any complaints but last night my now boyfriend wanted me to give him head so I obliged. he’s a lot.. Shall we say thicker than my ex’s and he said he could feel teeth and it hurt any ideas on how to make it better for him (my mouth is small in comparison)

  37. Thank u I’m going to try this

  38. The medicine I take leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Of course I brush my teeth and all in my mouth. But since I had this problem when I give my husband and BJ it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I want to satisfy my husband after 20 years we are still in love it just want to make him happy.What can I put in my mouth to help this problem?

  39. My boyfriend does not want the head of his cock touched, but he wants me to go down on him. I live to give head but have never had the problem of no touch zones. How can I please him without touching the head? I need help!!

  40. Thank you for all the help now i can have a bit more fun with the new bf

  41. Any suggestions or any tips or differences when your man is very long and thick, as he says fat? I want to give him a Christmas present he won’t ever forget!

    • Only thing i can say as my husband is the same way, is take your time go slow when you go down on the shaft towards your throat!! Open your mouth wide but stick your tounge out licking the dick while your going down on the shaft!! THen close your mouth kinda tight as and apply a sucking pressure as you come up!! Twirl your tounge around it as you come up this drives me my absolutely nuts!! And once you get to the head of the dick stick your tounge in the hole at the top, play with it a lil bit and tease him, then try to go down the shaft a lil more go down a lil further each time but don’t go farther than your comfortable with!! Defintaely takes practice get a long and thick dildo if you have to about the same size and girth as your man!! Practice when he is not around if you have too, that is what i did for a while!! And still do when i want to tease him a lil bit before actually sucking on his!! I will walk into the room with the dildo and giving it head while dressed sexy to get his attention and he will usually look at me and say i have this one you can suck on instead baby!! And will pull it out and move the dildo outta the way and put his in instead!! The dildo is not the best tasting which is why i will mask the taste of it with something a lil bit sweet!! some kind of syrup or something but believe me it does the job!! Also look up bad girl bible of blow jobs and i have learned new techniques from there and haven’t spent a penny!! Hope this Helps

  42. My husband and I have been together for 11 years!! But married for less than a year, we just had a dreaded conversation that neither of us wanted to really have about how boring our sex life was!! But we plunged into that conversation and thank god we did!! Its now is turning into being very amazing!! He is the only man I will ever give head to, before i really dreaded it, but then after our conversation i started to do some research on how to keep my gag reflex in control, its funny i can now give head he enjoys and usually will come out of it shaking!! 🙂 I didn’t realize how Enthusiam was a big part of that!! I have tried many things on him and he has enjoyed alot!! I have not realized just how much i deprived him of by giving him a half ass head job before!! And in return he pleases me so much more!! After a good head job he will take turns pounding both my pussy and ass with his rock hard dick!! and the pleasures from both is and has been absolutely amazing!! Didn’t realize the orgasam you could have by having anal sex but boy so very glad i gave that a try!! We now want each other and only each other every day!! He tells me how when he is at work or i am at work how much he thinks about me and gets instantly hard by him self and can’t wait for me to arrive home! Both our labidos have came up big time and now we just two jack rabbits and can’t get enough!! And i just can’t get enough shoving his throbbing hard dick in my mouth, its so delightful!! And he likes the teeth just a lil bit of a tease with them!! But he really wants the head to be sucked intenstly but not like giving a hicky hard!! LOL I came across this blog and will have to try a few things, altho i won’t do the ball sucking because he don’t like that!! But thanks for more tips and tricks on some things, I am sure gonna give it a try as soon as he gets home from work today!! DAMN i can’t wait for him to arrive home, reading this has really made his dick more in my mouth!! CAN’T WAIT, VERY EXCITED!! I could go on and on, but i won’t so for now i will wait for more posts from you!! 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to do this!!

  43. I have a comment i try to do everything right but it still takes him awhile and he been wanting to busted in my mouth so how would it be easier

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